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A history of client representation that encompasses the 4th and 5th generations of a local legal family. We are dedicated to pursuing the interests of our clients.

Sherman Powell, IV
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Family Law

Divorce, Child Custody, & Child Support



Estates, Wills, End of Life Planning



Deeds, Evictions, Property Damage & Boundary Line Disputes



Drug Possession, Theft, Assault, & More

Things To Know

Family law matters can be incredibly complex, and it's not something you should try to navigate on your own. The topics of divorce, child custody & child support are just some examples of what family law can cover. There is a lot to learn about this area of law - it's important for you to understand your rights and responsibilities as well as those who may be involved with helping resolve certain issues (like lawyers or mediators).

Probate law is important because it provides executors with the information they need to settle an estate. While probate is not necessary in every situation, there are certain laws and conditions that must be met before a will can take full effect. The first step of this process deals with determining which assets should go through this process.

Property Disputes can be come very complicated very quickly. They can involve many parties, including cities and municipalities. And the problems can range from large ones like new construction to small ones like driveway placement.

Defense lawyers often work to protect their clients from prosecution, ensuring they get a fair trial. A defense lawyer can help with cases such as representing in court, handling evidence, and dealing with witnesses.


Sherman Powell, IV


Sherman Powell, IV
Jacob Roberts


Jacob Roberts

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