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We will help you navigate your contested, uncontested, default, fault and no fault divorces with ease and clarity.


Child Custody

Child custody is a common issue that comes up during a divorce. If you have children, it's important for you to know your legal rights and how the system works.


Child Support

Separate from alimony, child support takes into consideration who has custody of the children, how many children there are, if one or both parents work, and if either parent have any other dependents they're responsible for.



An estate, in general terms, is everything that someone owns, including businesses, properties and other assets such as personal belongings and debts owed.



When a person dies without having made a last will and testament, their heirs may have to go through legal proceedings in order to settle their estate. This can be a costly and time consuming process.


End of Life Planning

Otherwise known as estate planning, this allows people to leave specific instructions for their assets after death. This is a very helpful process that makes an individual's intentions clear and will avoid any unnecessary delays.



Deeds are used as proof that ownership has been transferred in case of any disputes that might arise between buyer and seller later on down the road.


Line Disputes

In some instances, property line disputes may need to have legal action. These occur when neighbors are unable to come to an agreement or have become uncivil to one another. A lawyer can help you navigate the complicated landscape and help you find a resolution.



In order for an eviction notice to be legally binding and enforced by law in your state, it must follow certain guidelines and meet specific requirements before it can proceed forward.


Criminal Defense

Defense lawyers often work to protect their clients from prosecution, ensuring they get a fair trial in court. A defense lawyer can help with cases such as representing in court, handling evidence, and dealing with witnesses.


Property Damage

Property damage can come from many different sources, but it becomes even more complicated if you are in charge of paying for repairs yourself as opposed to having another party take responsibility for their actions.


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